Introducing Pakistan’s Premier Digital COD Service – Trax Pay

Introducing Pakistan’s Premier Digital COD Service – Trax Pay

As a leading player in Pakistan’s logistics industry, Trax has been diligently working towards revolutionizing the cash-on-delivery (COD) experience by now introducing cashless payments at the time of delivery via Trax pay. With a cashless payment URL included in the Out for Delivery SMS, Trax pay makes it easier for customers to pay without using physical cash. This change comes in response to customer feedback and the growing demand for contactless transactions.

The cashless payment URL brings convenience to customers. They can pay for their deliveries from anywhere, without the hassle of handling cash. This not only saves time but also allows family members to receive the packages without hassle.

We, of course, prioritize the security of transactions by redirecting customers to a secure payment platform. This ensures that personal and financial information remains protected during the payment process.

By eliminating physical cash transactions, we are also able to reduce the risk of counterfeit currency. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that their payments are made using legitimate means. The cashless payment URL also promotes transparency by providing customers with detailed transaction records, allowing them to track and manage their expenses more efficiently.

For shippers, the cashless payment system leads to a higher rate of successful and timely deliveries. Customers can complete payments easily, regardless of cash availability, which improves the overall delivery process.

Altogether, Trax pay’s introduction of cashless payments at the time of delivery simplifies the payment experience and aligns with the demand for contactless transactions. With increased convenience, enhanced security, and transparency, we hope to transform the cash-on-delivery landscape for the benefit of both customers and shippers.

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Khurram Sheikh

I need to make an account for parcel delivery. Pick up parcel from a given address in Pakistan and deliver parcel to another address in Pakistan with sender name and contacts as mine.

Ghulam yasin

Ghulam yasin Location khanpur district Rahim yar Khan

Sir mere pass ware house hai and shops BHI hum chhaaty Hain K ap aik branch khanpur me open karain aur humary city khanpur me BHI APNA business open karain Shukria

afsar khan

I have applied for accts with trax for COD service but I have not received any reply yet


Want to open an account need more information

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