About TRAX

Trax is an end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions provider for the E-Commerce industry. To provide the best service possible, we’re dedicated to bringing you the most innovative logistics services, and allowing you to build up your online business in a way that is suited to you. TRAX offers the quickest deliveries and most reliable inventory management solutions with warehouses across Pakistan, along with the fastest transfer of funds and the most responsive customer experience.

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We believe in delivering the best Cash on Delivery services throughout an exponentially growing network across the globe. Along with other innovations across the e-commerce supply chain, we are looking forward to cultivate everlasting relations with all leading online retail.
To develop and enhance the E-Commerce industry of Pakistan by encouraging online businesses and providing them the most innovative digital logistics solutions.

Core Values

Trax operates on a set of defined principles that are applied to every project and service we take under our wing.

Choosing an efficient pathway of winning and celebrating as a team.
Openness of culture, with the spirit of sharing knowledge & learning.
Aimed at taking quick initiatives and showing full ownership of the results.
Striving towards superior performance, delivering lasting results.

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