Since its inception, Trax has undergone a tremendous amount of growth and expansion, becoming a trusted brand in the logistics industry.

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Cool Timeline

July 2017

Our humble beginning.

November 2017

Expanded our delivery network to 300 destinations across Pakistan while onboarding our first 100 customers.

June 2018

Successfully onboarded an additional 500+ customers.

October 2018

Successfully launched our online portal SONIC.

November 2018

Integrated and launched our warehouse management system MARCO.

December 2018

Fulfilled a total of 500,000 shipments across the country.

January 2019

Started an integrated supply chain that stretched across the country.

February 2019

Began a dedicated moving service for overland and bulk shipping.

April 2019

Achieved the milestone of making deliveries for over 1000 online businesses.

May 2019

Launched our delivery intercept service, an industry first.

December 2019

Reached over 1 million shipments successfully delivered.

June 2020


Launched both our rider tracking application BOLT and the first Try and Buy service in Pakistan.

September 2020

Rebranded from Trax Logistics to simply Trax, which is our current identity.

November 2020

Began our dedicated international shipping service.

December 2020

Reached over 5 million shipments successfully delivered.

April 2021

Opened the first of many Trax retail centers to the public.

March 2021

Onboarded the Orange Tree Foundation to facilitate donations and ration distribution across Pakistan.

June 2021

Began working as operational partners with Foodpanda and launched our gift delivery service.

July 2021

Started hyperlocal delivery operations with MAF Carrefour and Munchies in Lahore and Karachi respectively.

September 2021

Began hyperlocal operations with our line of dark stores.

October 2021

Began working with J. and their E-commerce team to manage and operate their 40,000 square foot warehouse.

December 2021

By the end of 2021 we had Junaid Jamshed, SAYA, ChaseUp, Dany, Zellbury and Sapphire as partners.

January 2022

Successfully onboarded JS Bank and launched our home and office shifting service MOVIT.

March 2022

Successfully onboarded Bank Alfalah.

June 2022

Got Sub rang society onboarded and started having transgender employees onboard, successfully participating in societal development.


Over 10 million parcels delivered. Over 10 million smiles spread. Over 10 billion miles were covered.