About us

Having a rich history of operating in the retail, distribution, and logistics industry for more than 100 years, we have chosen to focus on and provide multiple-tier solutions to the challenges faced by the booming E-commerce industry. To ensure that we play our part in elevating the E-commerce phenomenon, we have dedicated our time, efforts, and resources to various ideas and projects around online retail over the last decade. Which has led us to the conclusion that Pakistan is not witnessing the acceleration of the industry at the same pace as the rest of the world owing to the gaps in the logistics and supply chain sectors facilitating it. We also strongly believe that this industry is now tapping into different market segments, as a result of which online business needs are growing more complex every day. So in order to provide the industry with the flair that it needs, we have conceptualized the perfect solution.

Trax Online Private Limited (TRAX) is an end to end logistics and supply chain solution for the E-Commerce industry, which is dedicated to bringing you the most innovative logistics services in terms of velocity and widespread network enabling you to accelerate your online business exactly the way you want. TRAX offers the most agile last mile delivery services along with reliable inventory management solutions across a wide network of over 200 destinations in Pakistan, with the ease and promise of the fastest transfer of funds.


To develop and enhance the E-Commerce industry of Pakistan by providing the most innovative digital and logistics solutions.


We believe in delivering the best Cash-on-Delivery services throughout an exponentially growing network across Pakistan. Along with other innovations across the e-commerce supply chain, we are looking forward to cultivate everlasting relations with all the leading online retail businesses.


Excellence: Striving towards superior performance, delivering lasting results.

Integrity: Openness of culture, with the spirit of sharing knowledge & learning.

Partnership: Choosing a path to win together through teamwork.

Passion: Taking initiative & showing full ownership for results.